Ferrari California 30

 The Ferrari California 30 is the Italian automaker’s updated version of their popular California. The 30 represents the 30kg weight reduction and 30 additional horsepower in the newly tuned 4.3L V8, which now produces 483hp. Mated with Ferrari’s smooth shifting 7-speed dual clutch transmission and revised magnaride suspension, this car is capable and comfortable whether you’re navigating twisty back roads, the open highway or sitting in downtown traffic.

This 2+2 hardtop convertible is the most versatile Ferrari in the fleet. We will also go out on a limb here and call it practical.

No matter how you drive the California, this is one rental car experience you’ll not soon forget.


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 Convertible, Black Exterior, Black Interior and 2+2 Passenger Access


 483 Horse Power V8 


 7 Speed Dual Clutch 

0-60 Time Factor

3.7 Seconds

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Top Speed

194 MPH

Ferrari California 30